Facebook: A Parent’s Perspective

It’s been a while since my last post, but I’ve been compiling a vast array of resources that will be beneficial to both teachers and parents. One presentation I have prepared involves a bit of information on Facebook (from a parent’s perspective). This presentation lets parent’s know the benefits and dangers of Facebook and what their teens should know about the social networking platform,

The key to understanding Facebook is understanding its Privacy Settings. These settings explained below in a great video from SophosLabs on YouTube and will be explained further in the next post. I will also be posting a Facebook presentation from a teacher’s perspective as well.

Please feel free to comments and add anything new you may know or discover. After all, “…knowing is half the battle!”

Facebook 4 Parents Presentation

Facebook Privacy Settings: What you need to know….

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  1. One privacy setting which you should know about is the one below

    If you go to your edit applications you will realize that the default photo application settings need to be changed as well. If they are not your pictures will, according the default settings, be able to be seen by everybody.

    Its a funny thing that even if you edit all your privacy settings on Facebook that one has to be manually changed through applications.

    So in your next post be sure to talk about the dangers of applications and how they sometimes by pass your security settings.

    Another Day On Facebook

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