This past Wednesday, February 10th, 2016, I was proud to have once again worked closely with The Hamilton Bulldogs Hockey Club to provide an engaging day of literacy and hockey for 6,000 of our elementary students (Grades 4-6) representing 51 of our schools. In total, over 9,000 students, including those from HWCDSB, descended on FirstOntario in Hamilton, Ontario to watch the annual School Day Literacy Game. The Dogs may have lost but EVERY student in the building won!

I wanted to share a collection of the days social media engagement. I collected all of the tweets (495 of them), Instagram pictures (46), newspaper articles (The Spectator, CBC), Cable 14 and CH news clips, YouTube clips, blog posts, etc. Yesterday we were trending #32 in all of Canada and #4 & 5 in Hamilton.

It was a great day for our students – the smiles said it all! How awesome was it to see thousands of our students celebrating a day of literacy and sport with their parents and teachers. The energy in that building was magic!