Okay – call me crazy – call me nuts – well, you get the point.

I’ve fallen a bit behind on my blog posts so, starting tomorrow, I am going to review one Web 2.0 tool a day for a year – that’s 365 tools. I know what you’re thinking…but, Aaron, there’s like a zillion applications on the web! I know, Iknow, but they’re not all good (are they).

I find at least one new application a day that I find neat through happenstance, Twitter, article, or word of mouth. I tend to put these applications in my bookmarks or just forget about them all together.

Anyway, I want to add a contextual twist. I’m going to give some ideas for how to use them contextually as well. Now, that’s ambitious! This is where I need your help. I will post the application and some curriculum / classroom ideas and I would love if I could get some discussion going with my PLN for other uses and ideas. Two heads are better than one and dozens are even better 🙂 Cross-curriculum links will also be awesome.

So watch for the posts and please help me with the context for classrooms. So many sites review applications and tools but offer little in the way for how to use them. It’s ambitious but we can do it. After all, Dragon Dictation on the iPhone was built for this 🙂

Tomorrow: Lino It – Online Stickies