The major hurdle to jump when considering podcasting is where to host your files. As I mentioned in the first part of this series, creation of your audio project is only step one. Back in the day, you would record your cassette tape and give it to someone. That person would listen to it and return it; or listen to it, copy it, share it, and return it. That process has been made far more efficient and it is much easier to share with an immensely larger audience that can access it when THEY want it, not when you give it to them. Consider this the “pull versus push” scenario. In the “old days” you would “push” media to people. Now, people can “pull” it from a hosting site when they want or need it. In this case, we are going to use Tumblr as our host, our cloud platform from which people are going to pull our material.

There are two ways to use Tumblr as an audio hosting platform. One, you upload a previously created audio file as demonstrated in part 3 of this series. Alternatively, you can use the iPod Touch or iPhone application to record and upload the file wirelessly or via 3G to the Tumblr website. The two videos below will demonstrate both scenarios; the first video will cover the former while the second will cover the latter.

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Podcasting with Tumblr – Part 1  – Accessing Tumblr and Uploading Audio Files

Podcasting with Tumblr – part 2 – Accessing Tumblr with the iPod Touch or iPhone App