As a follow up to my earlier post where I documented the removal of the power supply from my Dell Dimension 9100, I wanted to add that I received the power supply (on Friday) and have successfully resurrected my Dell Dimension 9100 yet again (3rd or 4th time at this point). The fun thing is that I was able to do this for only$42.95. Had the power supply not been the issue, then the next step would have been to replace the motherboard, which would have set me back about $200.00 or so (before any add-ons or RAM updates). Changing out the power supply was definitely the more affordable option (and much cheaper than buying a whole new option).

This documentation shows that you don’t have to be an expert to play around with and resurrect “dead” computers. All you really need is a little¬†curiousity, some bravery, and a bit of Solution Fluency. Computer repair specialists charge a fortune for this kind of work. Next time your computer gives you a hard time, give it a try, rip it apart, and see what you can do. I think you’ll be surprised.

At this point, I am highly excited and am currently backing up my server to “Phoenix” one more time.

Here is the unboxing and replacement