In one of my last posts about re-designing the Director’s Student Voice Forum blog theme this year I referred to it as my “Space Jam”. In fact, ever since I watched the video “A Pep Talk from Kid President to You”, and he asked me “What will be your Space Jam?” I immediately thought of the Forums. I have put heart and soul into student voice initiatives in HWDSB and the Director’s Student Voice Forum blog is the central repository of all the voices and various mediums. I won’t talk more about it here as I have definitely done that in other posts. Suffice it to say, however, that I truly consider the Director’s Student Voice Forums (and other student voice initiatives I have been the lead on) to be my crowning achievement to date as an educator. I certainly “took the road less traveled” in fulfilling my vision of students engaging and expressing themselves their way through whichever medium or tool they wished. And, yes, “…It hurt, Man!” But, it’s worth it! It’s what I created that makes the world awesome. It is my “Space Jam”!

I want to be on the one [road] that leads to Awesome! ~ Kid President

What’s your “Space Jam”?
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