I was revisiting my Delicious social bookmarks yesterday and noticed that the app has received a bit of an overall since I last visited. Previously I had used Diigo but I’m really not a fan of the interface. It feels bloated to me. I really like the simplicity and the ease of Delicious. There was some worry a bit ago that it was being phased out after been sold off by Yahoo but it appears to be marching on strong with a slick new look and some new features. I migrated all of my tags from Diigo to Delicious at one point last year. When I did so a lot of my tags got a bit messed up and weren’t as clean as they could be. I may not have been tagging them as best as I could either. If you’re not used to tags the best way to think of them is as topics. When you see a link or site that you would like to save, make available across all of your devices and make accessible to share with others, you may choose to use a social bookmarking site. In my personal life, I focus mainly on favouriting, or starring, my favourite sites internally using the Chrome browser but these links are not shareable (I don’t want them to be). In my professional life, I like to share the links I find with others. This is where social bookmarking comes into play.

I digress. Anyway, my tags weren’t named very well and I wanted to rename them to be more useful and suitable. Easy right? Well, not really. I did a little bit of research and figured it out so thought I would share.

Here is how Delicious describes the process…

How do I rename a tag?
Click TAGS at the top of your link list, then select ‘Edit Tags…’ and select the tag to rename from the list. Enter the new tag name in the field to the right, and then click Submit to rename the tag.

Here’s how I do it….

Some helpful stuff…

What is Delicious Bookmarking and How to Use Them

Wanting to Add a Delicious bookmarklet to your iPad? Here’s how. It’s a bit different for iOS7 but relatively clear. Just follow along.